Learning about photography and grading for fun. Particularly fond of cats.

Calabro’s Residence, 4th May 2012

I only did a half assed grade on these photos because it’s too cold to stay out of bed.

Taken and Graded by Karina. 

Home, 20th April 2012

A small, two bedroom apartment with mismatched decor is hardly the most inspiring location to shoot (on a Friday night), but I received my Canon 50mm F1.4 lens today and couldn’t wait to try it out. Love it so far - can’t wait to test it out properly and shoot some 50fps footage.

Taken and Graded by Karina.

Bobbin Head, 12th April 2012

I should probably wait until I’m sober to decide whether or not I am happy with this grade (or view them on a calibrated computer screen), but I feel that this is the only time that I will be motivated to post something.

I need to stop working with green.

Taken and Graded by Karina.

whoishellofever asked: i need more followers. fix it?

The answer to your question is cats. Whether you take photos of cats, re-blog cat posts or buy a cat, this problem will be fixed. The latter is my best advice. 

Terry’s Creek Walk, 19th December 2011

Even though these photos were overexposed, I wanted to play around with the grading for practice. Not quite sure how I feel about them yet..

Taken by Peter Hibbert, Graded by Karina.

Objects in Stanmore, 28th January 2011

Taken and graded by Karina.

Ryuichi, 28th January 2011

Top: Taken by Karina, Graded by Karina

Bottom: Taken by Koji Takahashi Chan, Graded by Karina

Kyrie, 19th December 2011

Spending my birthday chasing after a cat for photos.

Taken by Karina. Ungraded.


I wish I was more of a morning person.